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Dynamic path profile aided recompilation in a JAVA just-in-time compiler

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  • Computer Science & Automation (Formerly
  • School Of Automation)
  • Supercomputer Education & Research Centre


Just-in-Time (JIT) compilers for Java can be augmented by making use of runtime profile information to produce better quality code and hence achieve higher performance. In a JIT compilation environment, the profile information obtained can be readily exploited in the same run to aid recompilation and optimization of frequently executed (hot) methods. This paper discusses a low overhead path profiling scheme for dynamically profiling AT produced native code. The profile information is used in recompilation during a subsequent invocation of the hot method. During recompilation tree regions along the hot paths are enlarged and instruction scheduling at the superblock level is performed. We have used the open source LaTTe AT compiler framework for our implementation. Our results on a SPARC platform for SPEC JVM98 benchmarks indicate that (i) there is a significant reduction in the number of tree regions along the hot paths, and (ii) profile aided recompilation in LaTTe achieves performance comparable to that of adaptive LaTTe in spite of retranslation and profiling overheads.

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