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Documentation of southern elephant seal MAR2001_sel_s_m_04

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Eventlabel Eventlabel MAR2001_sel_s_m_04 Campaign Marion Island 2001 Species Southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) Age 4 years, Sub adult Sex Male Number 13 Length 294 cm Girth 244 cm Weight [estimated] Weight [calculated] Weight [measured] ARGOS PTT ID 4225 Transmitter type Telonics-ST10, Location only, SWS, E Manufacturer Telonics/Sirtrack PTT Serial Number PTT Software Setting protocol PTT DUTY CYCLE 8 hr on, 16 hr off EFFECTIVE DAILY TX PERIOD (GMT) ON 12:00-20:00 OFF 20:00-00:00, 00:00-12:00 Repition rate 40 s Contrib HSWRI TDRNO TDRUnitID TDR DATA PROTOCOL Deploy site Trypot Deployment Immobilisation Induction dose Ketamine Induction time not known Follow-up dose Time at recovery not known Anesthesia level not known Comment Seal Tag No RW 029 Tag deployed 2001-04-14, -46.88, 37.87 Tag retrieved 2001-12-??, First transmission Last transmission

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