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New progress on design and R&D for solid breeder test blanket module in China

Fusion Engineering and Design
DOI: 10.1016/j.fusengdes.2014.01.073
  • Iter
  • Test Blanket Module
  • Helium-Cooled Solid Breeder Blanket
  • Hcsb Tbm
  • Design


Abstract ITER will be used to test tritium breeding module concepts, which will lead to the design of DEMO fusion reactor demonstrating tritium self-sufficiency and the extraction of high grade heat for electricity production. China plans to test the HCCB TBM modules during different operation phases. Related design and R&D activities for each TBM module with the auxiliary system are introduced. The helium-cooled ceramic breeder (HCCB) test blanket module (TBM) is the primary option of the Chinese TBM program. The preliminary conceptual design of CN HCCB TBM has been completed. A modified design to reduce the RAFM material mass to 1.3 ton has been carried out based on the ITER technical requirement. Basic characteristics and main design parameters of CN HCCB TBM are introduced briefly. The mock-up fabrication and component tests for Chinese test blanket module are being developed. Recent status of the components of CN HCCB TBM and fabrication technology development are also reported. The neutron multiplier Be pebbles, tritium breeder Li4SiO4 pebbles, and structure material CLF-1 of ton-class are being prepared in laboratory scale. The fabrication of pebble bed container and experiment of tritium breeder pebble bed will be started soon. The fabrication technology development is proceeding as the large-scale mock-up fabrication enters into the R&D stage and demonstration tests toward TBM testing on ITER test port are being done as scheduled.

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