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Complementizers and Complementation in English and Korean: Successive Cyclic WH - Movement

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  • 보문
  • Complementation
  • 보문소
  • Complementizer
  • Wh-의문사의 연쇄이동
  • Successive Cyclic Wh-Movement


This paper investigates complementizers and complementation in English and Korean. I argue that a sentence is ultimately a projection of C because the clausal types must be present for interpretation and that the clausal typing feature in C must be checked off. It is shown that the superficial difference between English-type languages and Korean-type languages with regard to wh-movement is due to different modes of checking off the clausal typing feature in C. Some theoretical consequences of this proposal are that successive cyclic wh-movement can be naturally accounted for in a derivational approach to syntax and that the strength of C is always strong both in English and Korean-type languages.

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