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Business process re-design methodology to support supply chain integration

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Although a number of methodologies exist for business process re-design (BPR), supply chain re-design (SCR), and e-business process design, there is a lack of an integrated BPR methodological framework to support supply chain integration (SCI). This paper proposes a detailed framework based on integrating a number of different methodological strands from the literature. A literature review was conducted in three different domains – business process re-design, supply chain re-design and e-business process design. The literature review revealed the potential for integrating elements of a number of different methods and techniques found in different methodological strands into a framework for conducting BPR to support SCI. Accordingly a number of relevant methodologies were identified, decomposed and compared at their stage and technique/method level to identify a combination for development of the integrated framework. The proposed BPR methodology can be applied in any company or sector; methods and techniques incorporated are not specific to any sector. The proposed BPR methodology proposed constitutes an aid for supply chain practitioners in the construction of SCI.

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