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Post-16 vocational education and training in Germany: international report from the Inspectorate

Further Education Funding Council
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THE FURTHER EDUCATION FUNDING COUNCIL REPORT FROM THE INSPECTORATE November 1995International Report Post-16 Vocational Education and Training in Germany 3 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The detailed arrangements for the visit were made by Mr Barry Smeaton and Ms Nicola Guthrie of the Department for Education and Employment. We are greatly indebted to the staff and students of all the institutions visited, officials of the chamber of industry and commerce at Kiel and the craft chamber at Stuttgart, the Education Ministry for Schleswig-Holstein and the Ministry of Education and Sports for Baden-Württemberg. The generosity with which they gave their time and hospitality and their frankness in discussion ensured our visit was both fruitful and enjoyable. 4 PREFACE This is one of a series of publications planned by the Further Education Funding Council’s inspectorate to build up knowledge of the post-16 vocational education and training systems of other countries in order to highlight those aspects which might inform thinking in England in particular and the United Kingdom in general. 5 CONTENTS Paragraph Commentary 1 Economy and Government 11 Education and Training 22 Pre-school Education 23 Compulsory Schooling 24 Post-16 Vocational Education 33 The Dual System 33 Additional to the Dual System 43 Teachers in Vocational Education 49 Higher Education 50 Grants and Loans for Pupils and Students 56 Adult Education 58 Participation 63 Finance 66 Links with Industry and Commerce 69 Governance and Management 71 Curricula 74 Assessment and Examinations 84 Resources 86 Quality Assurance 92 Progression 93 Parity of Esteem 97 Appendices 1 Institutions and Organisations Visited 2 Basic Structure of the Educational System in the FRG 3 Typical Curriculum in the Dual System Glossary Bibliography 6 7 COMMENTARY 1 This report is based on a visit to the two states (Länder) Schleswig- Holstein and Baden-Württemberg in

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