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好新聞? 好生意? - 台灣報業生產政治的轉變

  • 台灣報業
  • 好新聞
  • 好生意
  • 市場導向新聞學
  • 新聞價值
  • Taiwanese Press
  • Good Journalism
  • Good Business
  • Market–Driving Journalism
  • News Value


Owing to advertisement resources are divided and competitions are keen,the news production process came through a gradual change in Taiwanese press. Firstly,this paper explores the modus operandi of media which is influenced by the uncertainty of the organization and conflicts between business consideration and news professionalism. Furthermore,the development of market–driving journalism and tabloidization of news deeply affect the journalists' news values. Secondly,facing these changes, journalists not only try to abide by traditional news professionalism but also concern about organizations' aim of seeking the maximum of profits. Situated in such a ambivalent circumstance,there is much more struggle in Taiwanese journalists' minds. However,the market–driving force is so strong which has made the definition of 「good journalism」 change in nowadays news professionalism. As a consequence,in the meantime,「good journalism」 almost means 「good business.」

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