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GIS POLONIA 2001, Varšava, 15-17. listopada 2001.

Croatian Cartographic Society
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casopis.p65 News KiG, 2002, 1 96 GIS POLONIA 2001 Warsaw, 15-17 October 2001 From the 15th till 17th October 2001 the conference GIS POLONIA 2001 was held in the capital of Poland, Warsaw, and the Warsaw Technical University was elected a host of the conference. Warsaw is the town that was completely ruined during the Second World War. After its temporary liberation by the resistance movement, the Germans bombed it and mined as a revenge, but after a few years the centre of completely ruined town got its appearance identical to the one it have had before the war. Since the ruins of Vukovar have been falling apart for 10 years already, the reconstruction of the old centre of Warsaw characterised by precision and rapid realisation could be used as an example showing that it is possible to reconstruct not only the outer looks of construction objects, but their inner contents as well, if there is enough will, knowledge, and of course fund to do it. The organisers of the conference were the faculties and associations from Poland and Croatia - Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography at the Warsaw Technical University - GIS Forum Croatian GIS Association - Faculty of Geosciences, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Silesia - Faculty of Geodesy, University of Zagreb so the exchange of knowledge and experiences should be done without any problems. The sponsors had a very prominent place in the preparation of the conference along with organisers: - State Geodetic Administration of the Republic of Croatia - Polish Commission for UNESCO - Croatian Commission for UNESCO - EURONATUR European Fund for Natural Heritage, Germany - INA Croatian Oil Company - Polish Association of Geodesists The Conference started at the winter royal castle Wilanow. A small lady full of energy helped us to imagine the life of

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