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Phytoparasitic Nematodes Adjacent to Established Strawberry Plantations

Journal of Nematology
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Plant-nematode populations associated with uncultivated vegetation, adjacent strawberry plants, and alternate crop sites were studied at three locations in Minnesota. At one site (Forest Lake), Paratylenchus projectus, Meloidogyne hapla, and Pratylenchus tenuis were frequently associated with the roots of native vegetation. These nematode species were also present in adjacent strawberry beds. Among alternate crops observed, oats and muskmelon usually supported the fewest nematodes although moderate densities of Xiphinema americanum and P. tenuis were found at one location in plots planted to oats. Pratylenchus tenuis was also found on rye at one location. Key Words: Population dynamics, control, nonhost plants, Meloidogyne hapla, Paratylenchus sp.

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