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Biochemical and biophysical properties of flacherie virus of the silkworm

Journal of Invertebrate Pathology
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-2011(79)90037-5
  • Bombyx Mori
  • Insect Virus
  • Silkworm
  • Flacherie Virus
  • Immature Virus
  • Viral Peptides
  • Rna Virus
  • Post-Translational Cleavage
  • Medicine


Abstract Flacherie virus of the silkworm (FVS) was extracted from diseased silkworms, both larvae and pupae, and purified by 15 to 30% sucrose density gradient centrifugation. FVS III and FVS IV, in addition to the FVS I and FVS II described in the previous paper (Himeno et al., 1974), were found. The FVS I, FVS III, and FVS IV showed the same mobility in 2.4% polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and could not be distinguished from each other in the gel. However, the purified FVS II was separated into two bands, FVS IIa and FVS IIb, in 2.4% gel. FVS III was a spherical particle with a diameter of 28 ± 1 nm and showed a sedimentation coefficient of about 90 S. FVS III was easily decomposed into FVS IV which sedimented at about 30 S in sucrose gradient centrifugation. FVS I and FVS II each contained a single molecule of RNA which showed the same molecular weight. FVS I consisted of three polypeptides with molecular weights of 67,000, 50,000, and 33,000. FVS II consisted of 10 polypeptides; among them 2 polypeptides with molecular weights of 50,000 and 33,000 were also found. Labeling experiments with [ 32P]orthophosphate revealed that FVS II was found at an early stage of infection and FVS I at a late stage. FVS II was also isolated at an early stage from silkworms infected with FVS II, and FVS I was found at a late stage in these silkworms. The correlation among FVS I, FVS II, FVS III, and FVS IV was discussed and it was suggested that they might be closely related to one another and that few particles in them were immature. It is possible that FVS II changes to FVS I via FVS III by cleavage of large polypeptides.

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