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Proposal for a Council Decision on the signing and conclusion of the International Sugar Agreement 1992. COM (92) 418 final, 9 October 1992

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(92) 418 final Brussels, 9 October 1992 Proposal for a COUNCIL PECISION ON THE SIGNING AND CONCLUSION OF THE INTERNATIONAL SUGAR AGREEMENT, 1992 (presented by the Commission) --- r Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara Barbara Rectangle Barbara Sticky Note Completed set by Barbara EXPLANATORY MEMORANDUM 1. The United Nations Sugar Conference was held in Geneva from 16 to 20 March 1992. The CO.isslon. assisted by the 113 Committee, negotiated on behalf of·~ the European Economic Community, on the basis of the directives approved by the council on 19 December 199L 2. The Negotiating Conference concluded with the text of the International Sugar Agre~nt of 1992. 3. Like the present agreement~ which expires on 31.12.92, the new one will be of an administrative type, with no economic provision~ such . as Quotas or prIces. It does. however, permIt the negotiation of an agreement with such provisions at any time in the .future, although this will no longer be one of the specific objectives. A further change In the objectives is that "to encourage the consumption of sugar" now reads "to encourage increased demand for sugar, particularly for non-traditional uses". 4. The agreement Is open for signature from 1 May unti I 31 December at the HeadQuarters of the United Nations in New York. 5. In conformity with Article 40, the Agreement wi II enter into force automatically only If countries holding 60% of the votes have deposited the appropriate Instruments to become members. 3 The Commission proposes to the Council : ( i) to agree by 31 October at the I ate~t on the signature and conclusion of the International Sugar Agreement of 1992; (i i) to designat~ the person empowered to sign the agreement for the Community before 31 December J992. A draft decision is to be found in Annex. The text of the International Sugar Agreemeht of 1992 is attached to the draft

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