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Review of hot shortness problems in copper-containing steel

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  • Cu Steels
  • Hot Shortness
  • Engineering
  • Computing & Technology :: Materials Science & Engineering [C09]
  • Ingénierie
  • Informatique & Technologie :: Science Des Matériaux & Ingénierie [C09]


The problem of hot shortness is first briefly discussed in terms of the recycling of scraps and the occurrence of various residual elements in steel. The phenomenon is then defined and described as a function of the factors influencing its different stages : copper solubility in austenite, copper phase melting point, wettability of the liquid copper rich phase, oxidation, furnace atmosphere, occlusion and diffusion. The effect on these phenomena of other residual or alloying elements is discussed. The paper concludes with the different ways to minimize the hot shortness problems and with hints on the more efficient use of copper containing scraps.

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