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Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme
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• ~e VI A few months before the closu re of Seville's Universal Exh ibition, i t became evident that th e need had arisen t o foster a reflection - paradoxically undertaken neither by the discipline nor by the institutions involved- in order to red irect towards the future those dynamic rm.s mesos abans que /'Exposició Universal de ~a es clausurés va sorgir /'evidencia que caldria impulsar una reflexió -paradoxalment inabordada des del punt de vista disciplinari, i també institucional- a fi de reconduir cap al futur aquells factors dinamitzadors implícits en /' aconteixament, factors im plicit in the event , dissecting those points of interest that had emerged and their synergy with surround ings. As in all litt le explo red regions, a situatio n of confusion existed, exacerbated by the fact that our profession had not participated in the difficult process. The transformation of six hundred thousand square metres of dry, inaccessible scrubland into a focus of attraction for investment and mass tourism was in princip ie a thri ll ing prospect , involving the t asks of consolidat ing efforts through the design of rationalised strategies for the future. In order to meet this goal, f rom the pages of this journal a consultation was organised limited to seven teams of architects who have worked in an almost disinterested way and with the imposition of ext remely t ight dead lines to produce their respect ive proposals. This collect ion of suggestions has been complemented simultaneously with a survey of theoret ical opinions among a series of specia lists, consu ltants and assessors who have carried out rapid d iagnoses to gauge these hypotheses concerning what must be done within the Cartu ja precinct. In the face of a pessimistic v ision of what the formation of urban territory should be, Ouaderns, journal of the Association of Catalan Architects, has undertaken the idea of promoting an embryonic workshop to examine the impulse of what sho

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