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[ t / I I REVIEWS/COMPTES RENDUS Lachance, André, dir. Les marginaux, les exclus et l'Autre au Canada aux XVIIe etXVIIIe siècles by Thomas Wein / 229 Tamara Myers, Kate Boyer, Mary Anne Poutanen and Steven Watt, eds., Power, Place and Identity: Historical Studies of Social and Legal Regulation in Quebec by Constance Backhouse / 231 Angus McLaren, The Trials of Masculinity: Policing Sexual Boundaries, 1870- 1930 by Chris Dummitt / 233 Craig Heron, éd., The Workers ' Revolt in Canada, 1917-1925 by Jeffrey Bortz / 235 J.E. Rea, T.A. Crerar: A Political Biography by Bradford J. Rennie / 237 Richard A. Rajala, Clearcutting the Pacific Rain Forest: Production, Science and Regulation by Patricia Marchak / 240 Peter Warrian, Hard Bargain: Transforming Public Sector Labour-Management Relations by David G. Murphy / 241 Nicholas DeMaria Harney, Eh, Paesan!: Being Italian in Toronto by SamMigliore /243 Mary Louise Adams, The Trouble With Normal: Postwar Youth and the Making of Heterosexuality by Liz M ill ward / 244 Colleen Fuller, Caring For Profit: How Corporations Are Taking Over Canada's Health Care System by Susan Rosenthal / 246 David Blane, Eric Brunner and Richard Wilkinson, eds., Health and Social Organi- zation: Towards a Health Policy for the 21st Century by Susan Rosenthal /250 Kenneth Lapides, Marx's Wage Theory in Historical Perspective: Its Origins, Development, and Interpretation by Fletcher Baragar /253 Michael Forman, Nationalism and the International Labor Movement: The Idea of the Nation in Socialist and Anarchist Theory by Dennis Sweeney / 256 John J. Kulczycki, The Polish Coal Miners ' Union and the German Labor Movement in the Ruhr, 1902-1934: National and Social Solidarity by Gerd-Rainier Horn / 259 Don Kalb, Expanding Class: Power and Everyday Politics in Industrial Communities: The Netherlands, 1850-1950 by Dick van Lente / 261 Philip J. Deloria, Playing Indian by J.R. Miller / 264 i Karen A. Shapiro, T

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