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Eleventh financial report on the European Agricultural Guidance and Guarantee Fund - Year 1981. Guarantee Section and food aid financing. COM (82) 439 final, 23 July 1982

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· COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(82) 439 final Brussels, 23 July 1982 ELEVENTH FINANCIAL REPORT on the EUROPEAN AGRICULTURAL GUIDANCE AND GUARANTEE FUND COM(82) 439 final - YEAR 1981 - GUARANTEE SECTION and FOOD AID FINANCING BELGIUM DENMARK 1 ECU = 41,2513 7,90507 AVERAGE RATES OF CONVERSION USED IN 1981 (see annex 15) GERMANY GREECE FRANCE IRELAND 2,52720 61,4798 6,00118 0,690622 ITALY LUXEMBURG NETHERLAND UNITED KINGDoM 1 .247,04 41,3308 2, 79794 0,556891 - I - INTRODUCTORY NOTE Regulation (EEC) No 729/70 on the financing of the common agricultural policy requires the Commission to submit to the Council and to Parliament before 1 July each year "a financial report on the administration of the Fund during the preceding financial year and, in particular, on the state of its resources and the nature of its expenditure and the conditions under which Community financing has been effected". The present repo~t covers the operations of the Guarantee Section of the EAGGF and the financing of Community food aid for 1981. The work of the Guidance Section is dealt with in a separate report. The Guarantee Section finances expenditure resulting from the common policy on agricultural markets and prices. Under Articles 2 and 3 of Regulation (EEC) No 729/79, this is divided into refunds on exports to non-member countries to bridge the difference between Community prices and world markets and intervention measures to stabilise the agricultural markets (storage, withdrawal from the market, price compensation, guide premiums). N.B. This draft of the Report was completed on June 16, 1982. - II- SUMMARY OF THE ELEVENTH FINANCIAL REPORT EAGGF GUARANTEE SECTION A. CoDDDunity financing of markets 1. Original appropriations for 1981 totalled 12 897.5 million ECU. The financial implications of the decisions to increase agricul- tural prices for the 1981/82 marketing year were covered from existing appropri

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