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Working with Inspectors and Items-15

Elsevier Inc.
DOI: 10.1016/b978-155558346-0/50016-2


Publisher Summary This chapter explores individual Outlook items and their Inspector windows, including the way to create a new item, return existing items, and the methods used for working with those items. The Inspectors collection is a member of the Application object and represents all the windows that are open to display the individual Outlook items. If an Inspector showing the desired item is already available, one can use the Activate method to switch the focus of the Outlook application to that Inspector. For the Inspector.Close method, one must supply a value for the SaveMode parameter. In the Outlook Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the Inspector.CommandBars collection is useful for executing item-related commands—such as displaying the Insert File dialog—but it cannot be used to customize the user interface. Outlook does not store a new item permanently until it is saved or sent either by the user or by the code. If one creates an Outlook item using code on a VBA form, the VBA form should be modeless.

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