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Computational modeling of vortex breakdown control on a delta wing

International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow
DOI: 10.1016/j.ijheatfluidflow.2012.12.002
  • Delta Wing
  • Vortex Break Down
  • Trailing Edge Jet-Flap
  • Linear And Non-Linear Eddy Viscosity Turbulence Models
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Physics


Abstract We present an effort to model the development and the control of the vortex breakdown phenomenon on a delta wing. The pair of the vortices formed on the suction side of a delta wing is the major contributor to the lift generation. As the angle of attack increases, these vortices become more robust, having high vorticity values. The critical point of a delta wing operation is the moment when these vortices, after a certain angle of attack, are detached from the wing surface and wing stall occurs. In order to delay or control the vortex breakdown mechanism, various techniques have been developed. In the present work, the technique based on the use of jet-flaps is numerically investigated with computational fluid dynamics by adopting two eddy-viscosity turbulence models. The computational results are compared with the experimental data of Shih and Ding (1996). It is shown that between the two turbulence models, the more advanced one, which adopts a non-linear constitutive expression for the Reynolds-stresses, is capable to capture the vortex breakdown location for a variety of jet exit angles. The performance assessment of the models is followed by the investigation of the effect of the jet-flap on the lift and drag coefficients.

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