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ADDITIONAL INDEX WORDS: Sunspot activity, changing wind climate, accelerated sea-level rise, dredging. ABSTRACT _ Spring 1997Fort Lauderdale, Florida ENVIRONMENTAL SETTING Vejre is a small uninhabited island of about Vz km', situ- ated in the southwestern part of the Kattegat, Figure 1. The semidiurnal tide is only 0.3-0.4 m (CHRISTIANSEN et al., 1992), while meteorologically induced sea level variations can range between +1.9 and -1.5 m DNN (Danish Ordnance Da- tum, CHRISTIANSENet al., 1985; CAPPELEN et al., 1989). Gen- erally, long-lasting westerly winds force the water from the North Sea into the Kattegat and the Belts and produce high sea levels, while corresponding easterly winds produce low sea levels. rial photographs and old maps. A detailed hydrographic sur- vey including grain-size analysis, wave refraction patterns and sediment mobility in the spit area was carried out by NFNA. Results of the case study have previously been re- ported in BINDERUP (1991a, b), NFNA (1991) and CHRISTIAN- SEN et al. (1992). These papers focus on the effects of a chang- ing wind climate and nearshore dredging, primarily concern- ing the spit area. Sea level variations have been reinterpreted since (BINDERlJP and FRICH 1993), while the wind climate is further analysed. The purpose of the present paper is to report on changes along the coast of the island Vejre and their causal relation- ship. Possible future shoreline displacements are discussed as well as the link between sunspot activity, the wind energy and the sea level variations. 417-420 BINDERUP, M., 1997. Recent Changes of the Coastline and Nearshore Zone, Vejra Island, Denmark: Possible Con- sequences for Future Development. Journal of Coastal Research, 13(2), 417-420. Fort Lauderdale (Florida), ISSN 0749-0208. This case study deals with coastal changes and their causal relationships. The study site is the island Vejre situated in the Kattegat, the gateway between the North Sea and the Baltic. The observation period is 1954 to pre

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