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Efficient articulated trajectory reconstruction using dynamic programming and filters

Publication Date
  • 080104 Computer Vision
  • Articulated
  • Trajectory
  • Reconstruction
  • Basis
  • Filters
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics


This paper considers the problem of reconstructing the motion of a 3D articulated tree from 2D point correspondences subject to some temporal prior. Hitherto, smooth motion has been encouraged using a trajectory basis, yielding a hard combinatorial problem with time complexity growing exponentially in the number of frames. Branch and bound strategies have previously attempted to curb this complexity whilst maintaining global optimality. However, they provide no guarantee of being more efficient than exhaustive search. Inspired by recent work which reconstructs general trajectories using compact high-pass filters, we develop a dynamic programming approach which scales linearly in the number of frames, leveraging the intrinsically local nature of filter interactions. Extension to affine projection enables reconstruction without estimating cameras.

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