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Bibliography of Selected Review Articles by G. A. Robinson



Recommendation of G. Alan Robison for the first James Murray Luck Award. In view of the Committee, Dr. Robison provides a prototype of the kind of accomplishment this award has been established to recognize. He has written a large number of review articles over a considerable period of years and these are widely recognized as a major, perhaps the major contribution to information exchange in the field of research on cyclic nucleotides. One of these papers, the article on the role of cyclic AMP in the annual review of biochemistry 1968 (coauthored with R. W. Butcher and E. W. Sutherland) is among the six most highly cited review articles uncovered in a search of the IS1 files for the fifteen year period 1961-1976. Bibliography of selected review articles by G. A. Robison. E. W. Sutherland and G. A. 'Robison. The role of cyclic AMP in responses to catecholamines and other hormones. Pharmacol. Rev. 18: 145 (1966). G. A. Robison and E. W. Sutherland.' Cyclic adenylic acid. McGraw-Hill Yearbook of Science and Technology (19671, - PP* 91-92. G. A. Robison, R. W. Butcher, and E. W. Sutherland. Cyclic AMP. Ann. Rev. Biochem. 37: 149 (1968). -- E. W. Sutherland, G. A. Robison, and R. W. Butcher. Some aspects of the .biological role of cyclic AMP. Circulation 37: 2970 (1968). G. A. Robison. Cyclic AMP as a second messenger. 5. Reprod. Fertil., Supp. 10 (19701, pp. 55-74. G. A. Robison and C. R. Park. Cyclic adenylate in mammalian tissues. In: '*Diabetes Mellitus: Theory and Practise," ed. byM. Ellenberg and H. Rifkin (McGraw-Hill, New York, 19701, pp. 132-149. G. A. Robison, J. W. Dobbs, and E. W. Sutherland. On the nature of receptor sites for biogenic amines. In: "Biogenic Amines as Physiologic Regulators," ed. by J. J. Blum (Prentice-Hall, Englewood Cliffs, 19701, PP= 3-34. G. A. Robison. Adenylic acid. In: "McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology," thirdedition (19711, p. 79. 2 G. A. Robison, R. W. Butcher, and E. W.

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