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DOI: 10.1051/parasite/2012194295
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Twenty years ago, the French Parasitology Society bought out its publisher, thanks to the profit made during the ICOPA VII. The journal Annales de Parasitologie humaine et comparée, which had been created in 1923 by Emile Brumpt with the help of Maurice Langeron and Maurice Neveu-Lemaire, became Parasite, a journal dedicated to continuing scientific dissemination of French parasitologists. The Annales de Parasitologie humaine et comparée, themselves succeded to the Archives de Parasitologie created by Raphaël Blanchard in the previous century. In the first issue of Parasite, the President of the French society of Parasitology, Jean Antoine Rioux, stressed the impact of new scientific approaches, but also on the need for the integration of various currents of thought. At the same time, Wallace Peters, member of the Scientific Board of the new journal paid a warm tribute to Alain Gabriel Chabaud, who had edited the Annales de Parasitologie humaine et comparée for the previous twenty years. Keeping a parasitology journal alive until today is the result of strong and skillful team-work. This united team included the board of French Society of Parasitology, and in addition a Scientific Board made up of prominent French and foreign parasitologists, and a high level Editorial Board. Over the years, these different boards were supplemented with new competences when necessary. Their effectiveness has guaranteed the quality of published manuscripts and now Parasite has an international standing amongst the journals indexed in parasitology. The role of the Editor-in-Chief, Jean-Marc Dumas has been also decisive, due to him being a parasitologist with training in scientific publishing (he had notably been Editor-in-Chief of the Journal du CNRS for five years). Together with his wife Gisèle Gilkes-Dumas, he had just created the Princeps publishing company that provided Parasite with logistics and rigorous management without which such an undertaking would not have occurred. Thanks to its wide range of topics, Parasit

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