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  • Tj Mechanical Engineering And Machinery


In the plan of sand matrix, flower and leaf motif was given when made trellis ornament. And the thickness was about 0, 4 cm. The pattern which was used was fragment or solid motif. So it needed to be made matrix plan that consisted of coup and drag. The pattern was wood pattern because it was easy shaped. Those were flower and leaf motif and they must be done with chisel. Therefore, it was necessary to add the thickness of pattern in the making process about 8/ 1000. In addition, for cast iron with reduction 1 %, the size of the object result was p x l x t = 165 mm x 118,5 mm x 4 mm. the track system used direct track system in this plan. Then, to anticipate the reduction needed to be made the enumerator track. And the enumerator diameter was above 4 + 40 = 44 mm with the pull power of material 20 kgf/ mm2, so it would get T + 40. Finally, wind hole was made to anticipate the bubble gas about 2 mm.

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