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Linkage Analysis of Quantitative Traits in an Interspecific Cross of Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum X Lycopersicon Pimpinellifolium) by Means of Genetic Markers

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Linkage relationships between loci affecting quantitative traits (QTL) and marker loci were examined in an interspecific cross between Lycopersicon esculentum and Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium. Parental lines differed for six morphological markers and for four electrophoretic markers. Almost 1700 F-2 plants were scored with respect to the genetic markers and also with respect to 18 quantitative traits. Major genes affecting the quantitative traits were not found, but out of 180 possible marker x trait combinations, 85 showed significant quantitative effects associated with the genetic markers. The average marker-associated main effect was on the order of 6% of the mean value of the trait. Most of the main effects were apparently due to linkage of QTL to the marker loci rather than to pleiotropy. Fourteen of the traits showed at least one highly significant effect of opposite sign to the overall difference between the parental lines, demonstrating the ability of this design to uncover cryptic genetic variation. Significant variance and skewness effects on the quantitative traits were found to be associated with the genetic markers, suggesting the possible presence of loci affecting the variance and shape of quantitative trait distribution in a population. Most marker-associated quantitative effects showed some degree of dominance, generally in the direction of the L. pimpinellifolium parent. When the significant marker-associated effects were examined in pairs, 12% showed significant interaction effects. The results of this study illustrate the potential usefulness of this type of analysis for the detailed genetic investigation of quantitative trait variation in suitably marked populations.

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