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The Genetics of a Small Chromosome Region of DROSOPHILA MELANOGASTER Containing the Structural Gene for Alcohol Dehydrogenase. IV: Scutoid, an Antimorphic Mutation

The Genetics Society of America
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Exchange mapping locates the dominant mutation Scutoid to the right of Adh on chromosome arm 2L of D. melanogaster. However, deletion mapping indicates that Sco is to the left of Adh. The phenotype of Sco is sensitive to mutation, or deletion, of noc+ and of three genes, el, l(2)br22, and l(2)br29 mapping immediately distal to noc. The four contiguous loci, el, l(2)br22, l(2)br29 and noc, although separable by deletion end points, interact, because certain (or all) alleles of these four loci show partial failure of complementation, or even negative complementation. The simplest hypothesis is that Sco is a small reciprocal transposition, the genes noc, osp, and Adh exchanging places with three genes normally mapping proximal to them: l(2)br34, l(2)br35 and rd. The Sco phenotype is thought to result from a position effect at the newly created noc/l(2)br28 junction.

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