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PSYCHO-DYNAMICS OF KORO (A Case Report) R. KHUBALKAR1, M. A. (Psy.) O. P. GUPTA' M. D. (Medicine) Indian J. Psychial. (19P4), 26(2), 180—181 Koro is an acute anxiety reaction characterized by the patients desperate fear that his penis is shrinking and may disappear into his abdomen, leading to his death (Freedman et al., 1976). This culture bound syndrome is said to occur almost exclusively among people of malay archipelago and south Chinese who refer to it as Suk-Yeong (Yap, 1965). Two cases from Canada (Dow and Silver, 1973); two cases from India (Shukla and Mishra, 1981; Chakra- borty, 1982), have been reported. Recently epidemic of Koro has been reported in four districts of Assam (Datta et al 1982). CASE REPORT Concerned case was of an unmarried male student of 21 years, who reported a lack of erection and loss of strength in his penis. Also that it had become smaller, and he feared that the process of decreasing size will continue and he would become a use- less man. Besides, he manifested sym- ptoms or feelings of extreme restless- ness, brooding, guilt, anxiety, palpita- tion, sweating, tremors of hands, inabi- lity to concentrate and inability to do anything substantial in life. He also showed hopelessness about his entire future. No overt psychotic disturban- ces were evident. He had history of masturbation for three years, which reduced gradually and stopped comple- tely 6 months before he came for treat- ment. No family history of mental ill- ness was recorded. There was no history of similar or other kind of ill- ness with the patient. His father had a small furniture shop. He was seventh in order of birth among fourteen siblings. Family atmosphere was described to be quite unpleasant. Father was over burdened with economic and legal problems and was described to be negligent and un- concerned about the children, especially about him as he (patient) insisted on education than business. Sibling ri- valry was also reported. He w

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