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Studi Evaluasi Tarif Taksi Berdasarkan Biaya Operasional Kendaraan (Studi Kasus Taksi Di Kota Malang)

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  • Ta Engineering (General). Civil Engineering (General)
  • Mathematics


The increase in the price of fuel oil (BBM) resulted in increased vehicle operating cost (VOC), taxi and direct impact on the rise tariffs. The official taxi rates prevailing at this time according to Rule Mayor Malang No. 21 of 2005 are as follows: a). for tariff first / open the door (flag fall) of Rp.6.000, 00; b). for the rate per kilometer The next increase is maximum at Rp.3.000, 00; c). wait for the rate amounting to Rp 30,000 per hour, 00; and d). for the minimum rate of 15,000, 00. This evaluation study aims to describe the operational costs vehicles per kilometer taxi and taxi fares in the city of Malang. This evaluation study refers to the Technical Guidelines for Implementation Public Passenger Transport in Urban Areas of Fixed Route and Regular (Directorate General of Land Transportation.) Data collected through the instruments used are questionnaires and interview instruments to drivers and operators in which the sample was randomly (random sample). The evaluation results known to the vehicle operating cost per kilometer taxi Image of Rp.2.715, 83, a taxi Argo Prime of Rp.2.607, 98, and taxi Bima of Rp.2.072, 22. And the rate per kilometer taxi registration Rp.2.987 Citra, 42 with initial rates of Rp.8.962, 25, taxi registration Rp.2.868 Prime Argo, 78 with initial rates of Rp.8.606, 33, taxi registration Rp.2.279 Bima, 44 with initial rate of Rp.6.838, 32.

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