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Communication from the Commission to the Council on the opening of consultations with Guinea-Bissau pursuant to Article 366a of the Lome Convention. COM (99) 361 final, 09 July 1999

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·-... COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Brussels, 09.07.1999 COM(l999) 361 fin~tl COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION TO THE COUNCIL on the opening of consultations with Guinea-Bissau pursuant to Article 366a of the Lome Convention ! ! . r : ! . ! COMMUNICATION FROM THECOMi\'liSSION TO THE COUNCIL -on the opening of consultations with Guinea-Bissau pu-rsuant to Article 3()6a of - the Lome .Convention Following the events which occurred in Guinea-Bissau on. 6 and ·7 May f999, the· European Uniori published a declaration condemning the outbreak of violence, the deposition of President Vieira in violation o'f the Abuj a. agreement and the attacks. on . diplomatic missions. - Article S'ofthe Lome Convention stipulates that respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law un9erpins relations between the ACP States and the Community. · · The Union therefore appealed to the various authorities in Guinea-Bissau: to work for national reconciliation, reconstruction and development; - . ' . . . . . to return to the process of democratisation based on the country's Constitution, and;- to ~take the· necessary measures leading to the holding of -free and . fair presidential and legislative elections in November. In _accordance with Article 366 a of the fourth ACP-EC Convention implemented by the Council decision of 11 March 1999, the Commission proposes that the CounCil invite the ACP party (Guin~a-Bissau) to consultations with a view to assessing the situation in detail. · . . . - . \ Thes·e consultations should enable the Guinea-Bissau party to speCify the measures that it intends to take to meet the expectations expressed by the European Union in its declaration of 18-May 1999, in particular with regard to the separation of civilian and military powers, as well as the deadlines that it intends to ~et and respect. . 2 DRAFT Sir, In its declaration of 18 May 1999, the "European Union condemned the recourse

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