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The Community's Supplies of Raw Materials, Communication from the Commission to the Council. COM (75) 50 final, 1975

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(75) 50 final Brussels, 5 February 1975 THE COMMUNITY’S SUPPLIES OF RAW MATERIALS ________________________________________ (Communication from the Commission to the Council) COM(76) 50 final nrTRODUGTION -~, The forging of closer liulcs between the c0Ul1triesproducing oil and some other ra"r materials , the nationalization of extrac-ti ve industries the sharp price rises occurring over the last three years and the final declaration of the tenth Special Session of the United Nations General Assembly amply, justify a serious examination of possible future pr!i'.'!Jlems in the supply of raw materials for Europe. In the short term , the ra,:.v materials supply situation seems far less seri~s than , although not unconnected with, other current economic problems - inflation , the -threat of recession , adverse balances of p8iYJJlents , the use presently being made of petro-dollars , and the danger of a return to protectionism and the consequent disruption of world trade. Moreover 7 the risk of an absolute worldwide shortage of most essential materials is , in the view of experts , extremely slight. Nevertheless Europe is facing a real and serious problem. Historically, Europe became the world' s first industrial power because she was the first to extract coal, and iron! copper and zinc ores etc., from her soil. .And, when she had ey..hausted or had almost exhausted her then known mineral resources she had to import the ra'l'f Ir.a:terials needed to supply her industries. Compared wi ih all the othel' regions of the world , the density of Europe s population and industry, and the length of time during TrIhioh her OiiD. natural resources have been e:xploi ted , ha~' turned her into a region specializing in the processing of raH materia::t..s from other continents which she then resells to th~m as finished ,products. Only

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