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Cressa cretica L. (Convolvulaceae) in the flora of Croatia

Croatian Natural History Museum
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  • Cressa Cretica (Convolvulaceae)
  • Solaris (Šibenik)
  • Hrvatska
  • Cressa Cretica (Convolvulaceae)
  • Solaris (Šibenik)
  • Croatia


According to VISIANI (1826: XVIII–XIX) Cressa cretica was found in the area of Dalmatia around the middle of the 16th century by Luigi Anguillara. Since later explorers of the flora of Dalmatia did not confirm this finding it only has a historical significance. This thermo-cosmopolitan halophilous species from Convolvulaceae family was found in the salt marsh area of Blato by the Solaris hotels near Šibenik in June 1996. Observations that were made in period from 1997 to 2002 show that it is an annual plant with a short life cycle that continues in the summer period when the salt marsh area drains. It grows as a part of halophitic vegetation, mostly with the species Suaeda maritima, Salicornia europaea, Salsola soda, Limonium vulgare subsp. serotinum and Crypsis aculeata. With the exception of the locality of Blato by Solaris, Cressa cretica has not been found on any other locality in the wider area of Šibenik.

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