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Calculating Radial Textures in Bushes* Made of the Alloy Mn-Al-C Upon Upsetting Into a Container

Textures and Microstructures
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The alloy Mn–Al–C (magnetic τ-phase) has a face-centered tetragonal crystal lattice with the superstructure L10 (Shangurov et al., 1990). The tetragonal crystal axes c (the directions 〈001〉 of easy magnetization) of the grain lattices of a polycrystal permanent magnet having a form of a bush must be preferably oriented along the corresponding bush radius. Such bushes with a pronounced radial texture are used, for example, as stators of micromotors. In the present paper the forming of this radial texture (001) in bushes made of the alloy Mn–Al–C is investigated theoretically. Texture inhomogeneity is taken into account by solving the boundary value problem of plasticity.

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