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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to E. B. Chain

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Departxent of' Genetics TJniversity of 'disconsin 3:adison 6, Uisconsin February 21, 1953 Dear Dr. Chain: Thank you for your invitation to participate in the forthcoming symposium on chemotherapy. I must apologize for the long delay in my reply, and hope this will not have emharraaaed you. However, I had some questions, which I took the liberty of bringing to Dr. Eagle, mentioned in your letter as having advised on the makeup of the symposium. In addi- tion, I was away from Madison moat of this time. I will be very pleased to accept this invitation, but must make the following reeervation. I could not prepare a paper on the subject aeeigned without drawing very heavily from the work of your countryman, LO L. Cavalli, at Milan. I have previouely had the pleasure of collaboration with Dr. Cavalli, and would like to ask him to join in the authorship of the paper 'for the symposium. The question of precedence in authorship will have to be settled later, aa will the decision which of us shall actually read the paper. The latter will depend, in part, fin my own success in concluding financial arrangements to support my trip. In order to save time, I am sending this letter to you via Dr, Cavalli in the hope that he will agree to this proposal. Dr. Eagle suggested that there would not be likely to be any objection on the part of the organizing committee. The only reason that I can imagine that Dr. Cavalli was not invited in the first instance is an understandable preference on the part of the committee to invite non-Italian speakers. We will make every effort to pcepare the ms, for the lecture as soon a8 possible. However, Ppril 1 aeems extraoddinarily early. I would appreciate it greatly if you could provide more details of your plans for publication, as well aa of the final makeup of the Symposium. To: Dr. E. B. Chain Istituto Superiore di Sanita Viale Regina l.!argherita, 299 Roma, Italia &&tics " Via: Dr. L. L. Cavalli Istituto Sier

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