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The Importance of Recognition and Influence of Crew Members’ Fatigue in Seagoing and River Navigation, and Improvement of Preventive Measures in Reducing Fatigue

University of Dubrovnik
Publication Date
  • Ključne Riječi: Umor
  • Sati Rada
  • Simptomi/Uzroci Umora
  • Preventivne Mjere
  • Upravljanje Umorom
  • Smanjivanje Umora.
  • Key Words: Fatigue
  • Hours Of Work
  • Fatigue Symptoms/Causes
  • Preventive Measures
  • Fatigue Management
  • Fatigue Mitigation


Fatigue has been identified as an important contributing factor to maritime casualities and to health problems of seafarers. One of its sources is excessive hours of work and insufficient rest. Therefore, international organisations developed guidelines and certain regulations / requirements regarding hours of rest for the crew members. This paper provides information on fatigue symptoms, their causes, preventive measures as well as the guidelines for fatigue management and fatigue mitigation.

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