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Compensation for a Mutated Auxin Biosynthesis Gene of Agrobacterium Ti Plasmid A66 in Nicotiana glutinosa Does Not Result from Increased Auxin Accumulation 1

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  • Development And Growth Regulation


Nicotiana glutinosa compensated for a mutated tumor-morphology-shooty (tms) (auxin biosynthesis) locus of Agrobacterlum tumefaciens strain A66 and showed the same virulent tumor response to infection by strain A66 or the wild-type strain A6. Cloned cell lines transformed by strains A6 or A66 were fully hormone independent in culture and grew rapidly as friable, unorganized tissues on hormone-free growth medium. Growth of N. glutinosa tumor cells was inhibited by addition of α-naphthaleneacetic acid to the growth medium, and A6- and A66-transformed cells showed similar dose responses to this auxin. On the other hand, A6-transformed cells contained much higher levels of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA) and 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC) than A66-transformed cells. Differences in IAA and ACC levels in N. glutinosa tumor lines were consistent with the expected activity of the tms locus and were quantitatively similar to results obtained previously with A6- and A66-transformed cells of Nicotiana tabacum, which does not compensate for mutated tms genes. Thus, compensation for mutated tms genes in N. glutinosa did not result from increased auxin accumulation and did not appear to be related to the capacity of this host for auxin biosynthesis.

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