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The European Community's industrial strategy. European Documentation 5/1982

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Periodical 5/1982 THE EUROPEAN liBRARy COMMUNITY'S INDUSTRIAL STRATEGY EUROPEAN DOCUMENTATION E collsvs Text Box In the same collection Education of migrant workers' children in the European Community (out of prim) The European Community and nuclear safety (out of pri111) The protection of workers in multinational companies (out of pri/1/) The European Community's external trade (out of print) Teacher training in the European Community (out of prinl) The elimination of non-tariff barriers to intra-Community trade (ow of prinl) The European Community's competition policy (out of print) The European Community and the developing countries (ora of print) Worker participation in Europe (out of prinl) The European Community's environmental policy (out of prifll) The consumer in the European Community (ow of prinl) The agricultural policy of the European Community (second edition) 25 years of European Community External Relations The second enlargement of the European Community The Community and its regions (1hird edition) The European Community and the energy problem (second cdi1ion) Cultural action in the European Community The Customs Union (second edition) The European Community's research policy The European Community and vocational training The Court of Justice of the European Communities (second edition) The European Community's transport policy The social policy of the European Community (second edition) The economic and monetary union (second edilion) The European Community's financia l system (third edition) The European Community's legal system Originating depanment: Division IX/C/ 11 - Coordination and preparation of publications (continuation VII third paK<> of ('(H'er) The European Community's Industrial Strategy Manuscript completed by Professor Pierre Maillet in April 1982 This publication is also available in the following languages: DA DE GR FR IT NL ISBN 92-825-3347-6 ISBN 92-825-3348-4 ISBN 92-825-3349-2 IS

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