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Book Review-- Bumblebees: Behaviour, Ecology, and Conservation

Florida Entomologist


2-17520 p477 FESdj Book Reviews 477 G OULSON , D AVE . 2010. Bumblebees: Behaviour, Ecology, and Conservation. Second Edition, Oxford University Press, New York, Hardback, 317pp. ISBN 978-0-19-955306-8 (Hbk.), $120, ISBN 978-0-19- 955307-5 (pbk.), $55. This second edition extends and updates the first edition of the book that was published in 2002. Since the first edition, the author notes, there have been over 700 scientific publications on bumblebees, indicating the richness of the sci- entific field and workers interested in bumble- bees. The recent, as well as earlier literature, is scattered in many scientific journals, and this edi- tion brings a wealth of data together in one source. There are many illustrations (50 accord- ing to the publisher) and an 8-page section of color plates with 16 illustrations. Plate 16 illus- trates the color pattern on the dorsal surface of male and female species of bumblebees in the United Kingdom. There are 70 pages of complete references, an invaluable resource for researchers as well as providing younger workers an entry into the literature. There is a thorough index of topics, including specific pages on which particu- lar bumblebees (listed by scientific name) are dis- cussed. Chapter 1 presents the evolution, phylogeny and life cycle of bumblebees. Subgeneric relation- ships are illustrated in a Figure. I found the short Chapter 2: Thermoregulation, particularly inter- esting. Chapter 3: Social Organization and Con- flict, a longer chapter, deals with caste determina- tion, division of activities, gender determination, and sex ratios. Chapter 4: Finding a Mate, also a short chapter, has recent data on scent marking and pheromones that will be of particular interest to chemical ecologists. Chapter 5: Natural Ene- mies, an extensive chapter, describes work on parasitoids, viruses, bacteria, fungi, Protozoa, nematodes, and other commensals including cuckoo bees in relationship to bumblebees. Chap-

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