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Salafist mouvance and sheikh-ism in the Tunisian democratic transition

Dublin City University
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  • Political Science
  • Salafism
  • Mouvance
  • Sheikhism
  • Mouhammishin
  • Tunisia
  • Democratization
  • Political Science


The working paper examines the complexity of Tunisian Salafism and its role in the process of transition to democracy the country is experiencing. Building on primary sources and original field work, the article highlights the theoretical and practical divergences that affect the Salafist camp in Tunisia in the context of its struggle to represent a class of disenfranchised youth unwilling to support a process of renewal of political institutions that they perceive as contributing their marginalization. In addition, the article explores the ways in which, paradoxically, the emergence and public presence of Salafism can contribute to the strengthening of democratic debate in the country.

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