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  • B Philosophy (General)


Divorce is the culmination of a bad marital adjustment, and is the last option as a way of solving the problems. Divorce is stressful, pressure, and cause problems both physically and mentally. This situation is experienced by all family members, ie father, mother and child. The effects of divorce will affect the lives of divorced families, both fathers, mothers and children in the future. A better life after the divorce was the hope of every family is divorced. Hope it will be a motivation in itself subject to spring (resilient) from catastrophy and its resistance to the problems caused by divorce. This research is a qualitative descriptive study aimed to find out the picture of the post divorce family resilience. The research method uses interviews and observation techniques to obtain research data. Inspection validity data using triangulation techniques. The study subjects were three divorced families where one family consisting of father, mother and one child. Results showed that divorced families have individual problems, so how resiliensinya also different. Resilience capabilities of each family member who is affected by I am divorced, I have and I can that is within each subject, namely belief in God Almighty and the support of people around, so that each family member Divorced able to rise up and stand up to the problems that exist in his life.

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