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<Case Reports>Primary umbilical malignant melanoma: report of a case

The Kinki University Medical Association
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  • Malignant Melanoma
  • Umbilicus
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[Abstract] We report a 77-year-old female who showed a primary malignant melanoma on the umbilicus, with 3 years' duration. Physical examination showed a red, hard, and ulcerated tumor (2 cm) arising from the umbilicus, and there was no evidence of node metastases in axillary or groin nodes on either side. Preoperative dermoscopic examination showed an atypical pigment network and blue-grey background at the periphery of the tumor. Preoperative positron emission tomographic scan of her body showed hypermetabolic tumor foci in the umbilicus, but no distant metastases. Since there was a strong suspicion that this was a malignant melanoma, the patient underwent wide local excision of the primary tumor, including its attachment to the peritoneum. The excisied specimen was examined and reported as a malignant melanoma. The tumor thickness was 17 mm. The patient underwent postoperative chemotherapy. A case of umbilical malignant melanoma is reported. Moreover, previously reported cases are described.

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