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Betty Mae Jumper

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Sem 243 Sem 243 Interviewee: Betty Mae Jumper Page 1 Sem 243 Interviewee: Betty Mae Jumper Interviewer: R. Howard Date: June 28, 1999 H: I’m speaking, today, with Mrs. Betty Mae Jumper, who is the Editor in Chief of the Seminole Tribune. And today is June 28, 1999. We are meeting in her office at the Seminole Tribal headquarters. Betty Mae, who has been interviewed, extensively, and has interviewed other people extensively, there are just a few things that would help our project along, that you could add to it. Betty Mae, what clan do you belong to? J: Snake. H: And when and where were you born? J: I was born Indian town, Florida. H: When? J: April 27, 1923. H: Do you have an Indian name? J: Yeah. H: Would you be willing to tell us what that is? J: Potackee H: Potackee. And what does that mean? J: I don’t know. Some kind of medicine stuff. H: Who gave you that name? J: My grandma. H: Is that your grandma in that picture, over there, with you? Sem 243 Interviewee: Betty Mae Jumper Page 2 J: Umhum. H: Beautiful picture of you. And your grandma. What was your grandma’s name? J: Mary. H: Mary? J: Tiger. H: And your Mother’s name? J: Ada Tiger H: Ada Tiger. Are there any contexts in which you use your Indian name? Are there specific times when you use that versus your ... J: Not really. H: So, you were born in Indiantown. Did you ever live on a reservation? J: No. Not before that. They didn’t have Indian reservations, then. This was the first one. H: So, Indiantown was a reservation? J: No, it is a town. It is a little town where a lot of Indians lived before they scattered. H: OK. Did you ever live on Big Cypress or Brighton? J: Not really. Visiting a few weeks or something like that. But, I never really lived on it. I just lived here in Hollywood. H: OK. Can you tell me a bit about...I know that you are very well versed in Seminole history. Can y

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