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C15. Campylobacter & Proliferative Enteritis

Microbial Ecology in Health and Disease
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S96 c15-1 ABSTRACTS EXPERIMENTAL REPRODUCTION OF PROLIFERATIVE ENTERITIS IN CONVENTIONALLY RAISED PIGS PK Holvoake, RS Cutler, RP Monckton, LD Sims and VA Fahy Department of Agriculture, PO Box 125, Ekndigo, Victoria 3550 An inoculation experiment was conducted using 8 conventionally raised pigs. Inoculum consisted of homogenised mucosal scrapings from the ileum of naturally occurring cases of PE containing intracellular Cumpylobacter-like organisms (CLO) (Lawson et al, 1985). Infected animals were 6 weeks old at the time of inoculation and had been treated with dexamethasone. Two pigs were selected randomly and sacrificed at intervals of 14, 21, 35 and 42 days post inoculation. Clinical proliferative enteritis (PE) (Chang et al, 1984) was reproduced in 2 of the 8 pigs. The incubation period between inoculation and expression of disease was 20 days. A dexamethasone treated control group consisting of 8 pigs inoculated with non-infected ileum remained clinically normal. CLO specific monoclonal immunofluorescent stains were utilised to detect infection within the intestine and faecal shedding in all pigs. A further study was carried out to determine the transmissibility of the disease to in-contact pigs. Four out of five conventionally raised inoculated pigs began showing clinical signs typical of PE after an incubation period ranging from 21 to 37 days. Four out of seven pigs housed in a pen with inoculated pigs exhibited clinical signs after a lag period of 12 days. Two of these pigs had the disease confirmed histologically. These results show that dexamethasone treated pigs inoculated with PE-infected ileal mucosa develop clinical disease. They also show that the disease is infectious and can be transmitted to in-contact pigs. References Chang K, Kurtz HJ, Ward GE and Gebhart CJ (1984). Am J Vet Res Lawson GHK, Rowland AC and McIntyre N (1985). Veterinary Microbiology - - 45(7): 1373- 1378. 2: 303-3 13. ABSTRACTS s97 C15-2

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