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Harman Dahl´s legacy

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rajbalkeehomepage MAUR-E-BOOKS Site Contents :NOVELS...Reading just for you Home Not Your Day To Die Email Us WELCOME! Harman Dahl's Legacy ONE I It was midnight on Friday 31,December 1999. Harman Dahl fell off his seat at the sound of all hell letting loose around him. He held on to the bench on which he had dozed off and wobbled onto his feet. His senses returned, even though he was still tipsy, under the influence of alcohol. He had been drinking with colleagues for most of the day. Harman Dahl smiled to himself as fear subsided and he realised that he was far from the doomed battlefield in the Gulf war. Soon he recognised the all-too- familiar place, the Bay Louis Waterfront. The crackling of gunfire gave way to fire crackers filling the city night sky and the rampaging soldiers to the bursting, happy and noisy fellow ctizens. Like him, everybody, there, had come to celebrate the arrival of the New Millenium. But unlike them, Harman Dahl felt that he was the loneliest person in the world. The sound of “ Happy New Year” and “Happy Millenium”, echoed in his ears as friends and relatives greeted one another, and blared and resounded from loudspeakers, deafening Harman. He sat back on the bench, took out his flask of Green Island from his breast pocket, whispered “Happy New Year” to himself and took a long sip. Bay Louis Waterfront was the new showpiece of Nautilian affluence. In the thirty odd years of post-independence from the British, Nautilius had imported everything from the industrialised countries: textile, business, and all get- rich-quick know-how. Bay Louis Water Front was the latest addition in the Nautilian Businessmen’s plan to extort the people of their earned surplus, by providing unusual nightlife. The government of the day was too willing to use this venue to organise the New Millenium celebration, in step with the world’s richest countries. Harman Dahl has been living alone for over

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