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Partners in a changing world. European Community No. 158, August/September 1972

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:If'.':T1r"' '' CONTENTS Community News Partners in a Changing World J. Robert Schaetzel Ambassador J. Robert Schaetzel, US Representative to the European Communities, explains how European economic and monetary union will benefit the United States. COMMUNI Y 5POTLIGHT ON IRELAND 11 Meet the Irish Patnck J. Hillery The landslide referendum on May 10 conf1rmed the Govern- ment's belief that tt,e Irish people overwhelm•ngly support the Emerald Isle's partie patior in European integratio11. 12 The Irish Blend Sean O'Fao/ain "To fi11d us, our contirental fnends must first discover us. We are a 5erene, select a'ld exotic pleasure." 14 The 11-Year Courtship Dominick J. Coyle Ireland's first appl cation for memoership tn t'1e Common Market, in 1961, marked the first ;n a series of steps which will culminate in Irish entry 011 Jan..,ary 1, 1973. 16 EC Goals and Irish Neutrality: Are They Compatible? Joe Carroll The on.y neutral 1n a'l enlarged Corrmu11ity, Ireland could help or ri'1der European plans for future ecoromic and polit- ICal irtegratiof'l. Doomsday Reconsidered Raymond Barre Commission Vice President Raymond Barre refutes some of the dire predictions in Sicco L. Mansholt's letter to the Com- mission on the environment. Power to the People The energy crisis is not a purely American phenomenon. European Community countries, also anticipating possible shortage, are striving to develop a common policy to meet Europe's growing energy needs. 2· Europe's Space Efforts Dwindle David Cairns Coordination of European space research remains an un- attained goal despite reorganization and reorientation of the European Space Research Organization (ESRO) and the Eu- ropean Space Vehicle Launcher Development Organization (ELDO). Recent Books Publications Available COVER: Safe on their island during the barbarian invasions of the Con- tinent, Irish scribes preserved the classics for future Europeans until the Viking invasions in the ninth centu

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