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Finding a physical environment desirable for elderly residential facilities : A survey of the literature

  • 高齢者
  • 物理的環境
  • 高齢者施設
  • Elderly
  • Physical Environment
  • Elderly Residential Facility
  • Ndc:490
  • Design
  • Psychology


高齢者施設ではどのような物理的環境が好ましいとされているのか,という疑問を文献から調べた.情報収集はMEDLINE,医学中央雑誌,日本建築学会論文集などを使った.その結果,好ましい環境を設定するときの要点を設定方針,居住単位,テーブルや椅子の配置,室内インテリア,台所設備,感覚刺激,見当識,安全性,居室,空間構成,心理的環境としてまとめることができた.今回の調査から,わが国の高齢者施設環境には好ましい環境の観点から,いくつか問題点が存在することがわかった.今後,交流や活動を促す空間の設定方法や文化的様式に基づいた畳の設定などの効果について検討を進める必要性を導いた. This study aimed to investigate what settings provided desirable physical environments for elderly residential facilities. Information was retrieved from MEDLINE, the Japana Centra Revno Medicina and the Internet, and the articles were investigated. From this review, important concepts regarding physical environments and layouts based on prior research or experience were determined. Important concepts are goals of set up, living units, setting of tables and chairs, interior design, kitchen equipment, sensory stimulation, orientation, safety, private rooms, space organization, psychological environment. Our review of the literature indicated that some problems appear to currently exist within the environments of elderly residential facilities in Japan. We also identified subjects important for further examination, including the methods for setting up day rooms in large spaces, and how to incorporate cultural styling into a room setup.

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