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Information Technology And Its Relationship To Marketing And Marketing Relationships

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Information technology (IT) and its use in marketing is radically altering how companies practice marketing. The widespread availability of information and heighten communication abilities are changing the relationships between marketing and other functions and between marketing and suppliers and customers. Marketing in the 90s operates in a totally altered landscape demanding a radical rethink and redirection for marketing. As IT in marketing develops and moves from automational use to transformational use these changes will be magnified. There are conflicting views as to the impact of IT on marketing with many heralding the widespread acceptance and use of IT as the beginning of the end of marketing, or as the greatest threat to the marketing department. Others view this development more positively and see IT as the saviour of marketing, which can now assume its glorious and central position in the company, with an increased customer and relationship focus. This paper traces the impact of IT on the marketing function and discusses the major implications of the new IT enhanced marketing practices. It reports a study of 204 marketing personnel in medium to large companies in Ireland It confirms the perception that marketing is changing, and to a certain extent benefiting from the introduction and use of IT, though predominate!) to reinforce existing behas iour rather than initialing radical new directions for marketing development

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