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Kirurška terapija impaktiranih i retiniranih trećih molara

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  • Diferencijalna Dijagnoza
  • Impaktirani Zubi
  • Postupci U Oralnoj Kirurgiji
  • Retinirani Zubi
  • Treći Molar
  • Diagnosis
  • Differential
  • Molar
  • Third
  • Oral Surgical Procedures
  • Tooth
  • Impacted


Extractions of the impacted teeth are one of the most common surgical interventions in oral cavity. Most frequently impacted teeth are third molars. There are some factors, such as specific location of third molars in the jaw and their anatomical variations, that predispose third molars to cause clinical and subjective problems. Many symptoms of localized and generalised head neuralgia may be related to impacted teeth. Surgical treatment depends on indications for tooth removal. Surgical removal of impacted teeth can be either extremely difficult or relative easy, depending on the tooth location and anatomy. Surgical removal of impacted teeth is a reasonable approach only if there is a correct indication for this type of treatment.

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