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The phase-controlled Raman effect

Nature Publishing Group
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DOI: 10.1038/srep01842
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Unlike spontaneous Raman effect, nonlinear Raman scattering generates fields with a well-defined phase, allowing Raman signals from individual scatterers to add up into a highly directional, high-brightness coherent beam. Here, we show that the phase of coherent Raman scattering can be accurately controlled and finely tuned by using spectrally and temporally tailored optical driver fields. In our experiments, performed with spectrally optimized phase-tunable laser pulses, such a phase control is visualized through the interference of the coherent Raman signal with the field resulting from nonresonant four-wave mixing. This interference gives rise to Fano-type profiles in the overall nonlinear response measured as a function of the delay time between the laser pulses, featuring a well-resolved destructive-interference dip on the dark side of the Raman peak. This phase-control strategy is shown to radically enhance the coherent response from weak Raman modes, thus helping confront long-standing challenges in nonlinear Raman imaging and microspectroscopy.

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