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Els Darrers capítols del debat al voltant del mapa immutable de Galícia : qüestions actuals d'organització territorial gallega

Treballs de la Societat Catalana de Geografia
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  • Political Science


The changes which occurred in the spatial structure of Galicia in recent decades add extra pressure to the discussion about local and regional governments within the country. This is a discussion that finds its roots in historical Galicianism. Galicianism was opposed to the Spanish liberal framework based on municipalities and provinces that was imposed throughout the 19th century. The paper considers the development of the discussion about local and regional governments in Galicia during the 7th Galician Parliament Legislative Session (2005-2009). This period has been characterised by the academic and political turmoil triggered by the need for a new map and administration tiers within Galicia, both locally and regionally. However, if we were to appraise the Legislative Session, it could be concluded that practical attempts to address all these controversies have not been attained. This is partly because of the impossibility of reaching an agreement between the three political parties with representation in the Galician Parliament on a new Statute of Autonomy (Galicia Constitution). Therefore, the liberal map and administrations remain unchanged. This framework has remained in force for more than nearly two centuries.

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