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Habitat of primula cuneifolia : potentilla matsumurae communities of the southern daisetsu mountains, hokkaido, japan

Department of Geography, Tokyo Metropolitan University
Publication Date
  • Flowering Times
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Daisetsu Mountains
  • Time Of Snow Release
  • Unstable Surface


Although most alpine plant communities have standard flowering times, in the Southern Daisetsu Mountains, Hokkaido, the Primula cuneifolia-Potentilla matsumurae community blooms at different times at different locations. In this area, flowering of the Primula cuneifolia-Potentilla matsumurae community depends on the times of snow release, and usually occurs within about 10 days of snow melt. These two small herbaceous species can grow in the short period following snow melt when the soil is waterlogged, and on unstable land surface affected by soil creep and/or frost action. Consequently, the Primula cuneifolia-Potentilla matsumurae community can occupy many situations under a greater variety of snow release conditions than other plant communities.

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