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Physical oceanography from SeaSoar CTD DI192_TR06.2260

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DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.196375
  • Biogeochemical Ocean Flux Study
  • Bofs
  • Calculated
  • Ctd
  • Neil Brown
  • Mark Iii B
  • D192
  • Density
  • Sigma-Theta (0)
  • Di192_Tr06
  • 2260
  • Discovery (1962)
  • Fluorescence
  • Chlorophyll
  • Jgofs
  • Joint Global Ocean Flux Study
  • Oxygen
  • Oxygen
  • Benson & Krause
  • Oxygen
  • Saturation
  • Oxygen Probe
  • Beckmann Instruments
  • Pressure
  • Water
  • Salinity
  • Sea Soar Profile
  • Temperature
  • Water
  • Tr06
  • 2260
  • Uv Aquatracka Fluorometer
  • Chelsea Instruments
  • Design


Sterna92 CTD, SeaSoar and XBT Data Readme Sterna92 CTD, SeaSoar and XBT Data This CD-R contains the fully worked up CTD, SeaSoar and XBT data from the Sterna92 UK-JGOFS cruises (Discovery 198 and James Clark Ross 2) together with the complete data documentation. This documentation includes important information on data quality, so please don’t ignore it. Note that the documentation covers all BOFS cruises, not just the two Sterna cruises. The data are included as files in the root directory. There are three PDF files besides this one, which contain the data documentation for the three data types. The actual data are included in our standard database export formats (the XBT format is different). This has been designed to be self-explanatory: the only potential confusion is that UK date convention (yyyymmddhhmmss) has been used. Al times are UT. Each data channel has a quality control flag following the convention ‘ ‘ for unqualified, ‘N’ for null value, ‘M’ for BODC- identified suspect value, ‘L’ for originator-identified suspect value and ‘T’ for interpolated value. The data originator has processed the SeaSoar data into pseudo-vertical profiles with a horizontal resolution of 3-4 km through objective analysis of the fully-processed time series data. BODC are the data originators for the James Clark Ross CTD data. The data originator for all the Discovery 198 data is Dr Raymond Pollard from the Southampton Oceanography Centre James Rennell Division. For those who have processing systems geared up to ingest data from the ‘kit-form’ database format used on most of the BODC CD-ROM products, the data have also been supplied in this form in the ‘dbkit’ directory. The table structures are as used and documented on the OMEX II Project Data Set CD- ROM. Note that the data in this format are from all BOFS cruises, not just the Sterna cruises. Roy Lowry British Oceanographic Data Centre [email protected] 14/03/2002

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