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Pyrolysis kinetics of waste PVC pipe

Waste Management
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DOI: 10.1016/s0956-053x(00)00127-6
  • Waste Pvc Pipe
  • Pyrolysis Kinetics
  • Reaction Model
  • Additives
  • Earth Science


Abstract The pyrolysis kinetics of waste PVC pipe was investigated with a thermal gravimetric analysis system at heating rates of 5, 10, and 30°C/min in a nitrogen atmosphere. Freeman-Carroll method was employed to evaluate kinetic parameters. Two dominant peaks were observed on derivative gravimetric curves, hypothetically suggesting a two-stage apparent reaction model. The first-stage reaction was likely to be represented by stoichiometric reaction to yield volatiles (mainly HCl) and intermediates. The second-stage reaction might be described by thermal degradation of intermediates competitively into gas, liquid, and solid by-products. Quasi-isothermal operations were introduced to verify the reaction types of the first and second reaction. The generation reaction of intermediates achieved at lower temperatures was carried out independently with their decomposition reaction at higher temperatures. The effects of additives on the pyrolysis kinetics of waste PVC pipe seem to be significant, especially on the first-stage reaction. The first-stage reaction was retarded. A merged peak at low temperatures was observed on the derivative thermogravimetry (DTG) curve instead of two peaks usually observed for that of pure PVC resin. The first peak on the DTG curve of pure PVC resin may shift more, resulting in the complete overlap of two peaks. The quantity of evolved HCl was likely to decrease because of interaction of metal components of stabilizers with either HCl or active chlorine atom or both. The final residual fraction increased as a result of pyrolysis of organic forms of additives to yield extra char. On the other hand, the second-stage reaction kinetics demonstrates a similar pattern to that of pure PVC resin, implying that the effects of additives may be less significant in comparison with that at the first-stage reaction.

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